Cosmo meets Kurt Yaeger

Do you love Rudimental’s Waiting All Night video as much as we do? We interviewed the BMX star of the video Kurt Yaeger. Find out his inspirational story here

If you’ve see the video for Rudimental’s number one track, Waiting All Night featuring Ella Iyre, you’ll likely have been touched by the incredible story of Kurt Yaeger who features in the video. While the Rudimental boys don’t like appearing in their own videos (takes away from the music apparently), they handed the narrative to the inspirational tale of Kurt, an avid BMX rider, who loses his lower leg after a motorbike accident yet gets back on his bike and rebuilds his life again.

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Kurt Yaeger was born and raised in the blue-collar town of South San Francisco, CA and is a former professional BMXer turned actor. He is an adept actor who captured the attention of filmmakers and critics ...


  1. Heather Tyson says:

    I love how Rudimental decided to go for an inspirational video. I’m sorry to say I didn’t know of Kurt Yaeger’s professional career apart from seeing him star in Dolphin Tale ( awesome film) I am a complete girl you see that’s into science and animals so you see professional BMXers are not my forte. After watching Kurt in the music video and watching a few interviews I must say that that young man is a strong inspiration for youth today especially for individuals that have shared a similar experience. I can imagine he brings hope to many amputee victims that too share a passion for professional sport. Thank you Rudimental and Kurt for an amazing video (that I love watching again and again) to go with an equally amazing song xx Hev xx

  2. Christopher said says:

    Trully amazing story dude, keep pushing those so called boundaries bra! impressive and inspirational

  3. roman obramotch says:

    amazing story .love the video . cry-ed like a baby when i first watch it .