Kurt Yaeger on Sons of Anarchy, Prosthetics & Motorcycles

G4 Attack of the Show!

Professional athlete Kurt Yaeger sits down with Horatio Sanz to share his story about how he lost his leg from a motorcycle accident, how his life changed wearing prosthetics and how he earned his recurring role as Greg “The Peg” on Sons of Anarchy. 

Kurt Yaeger was born and raised in the blue-collar town of South San Francisco, CA and is a former professional BMXer turned actor. He is an adept actor who captured the attention of filmmakers and critics ...


  1. Alexis Pandarelli says:

    I’ve never lost a limb, but I was in a car accident and had my hip pushed in 6mm.. I totally crushed me, cause I was a dancer. Even tho I cant go professional anymore, I still dance! You are so amazing! A total inspiration. :) much love from Italy!