1. […] into the world of acting where he has appeared in over 15 movies and just recently featured in Rudimental’s hit music video! Against all odds he has managed to recover and to […]

  2. Benshit says:

    You can be proud of you and all of your friends. An exemple for a lot people. Enjoy riding 😉

  3. Robin Gillett says:

    Top stuff! Truly inspirational, an amazing show of the determination of humans and showing how we can adapt and continue through life no matter whats thrown at you, this guys passion is remarkable and shows its never over until you say it’s over, big up! Much respect!

  4. Amazing, truly amazing

  5. Dean Watson says:

    Dude u are an inspiration and amazing wiv the determination U show in the video people could learn a lot from your determination ROCK ON wanna see some more of the videos as it looks like u enjoy the riding

  6. Douglas Sutherland says:

    You are a true legend sir! I salute your perseverance and inner strength! If you are ever over in the uk please post any appearances, would love to meet the man in the flesh!

  7. Douglas Sutherland says:

    You are a true legend and an inspiration for all! Love the Rudimental Video, I think this will turn a lot of heads in Europe where folks might not be aware of your journey!

    1. janice wheeler says:

      first of all the tune is amazing then watched the video to see kurts story who to be honest never knew im so inspired by his strength unreal and yes im english so its good we are all watching in europe

  8. Brenda says:

    Really felt for u in that vid knowing it was real. The music was great and the editing inspired.I predict a huge hit. U have done so well and aren’t good friends priceless! I know you’re an athlete but look after yourself. Best wishes from UK.

  9. Stephanie Hucks says:

    Just watched the rudimental video with my 7 year old son. We were both amazeballs ! True inspiration and looking sexy with it.

  10. Eelis says:

    Also just saw the video. What a truly inspiring human being you are.

  11. Marie Johnson says:

    Just watched the amazing Rudimentary video & it was absolutely gobsmacking! I had to look you up & you’re not only an ice cool guy, but a fighter of the highest rank! Respect to you.
    Keep on fella.

    1. madd says:

      I feel the same way. Plus i love the song!!!